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Casting design and technical consulting

We are your special partner.

We are your special partner.

Casting design and technical consulting.

We offer comprehensive services that encompass the entire casting production process, from design consultation to final product delivery. With our expertise, specialized equipment, and skilled workforce we produce high-quality castings that meet the specific requirements of customers across various industries.

  • Lasting experience in different sectors

    We have the ability to adapt and cater to the diverse needs and requirements of different customers and industrial plants, to leverage best practices across sectors, and thus offer tailored solutions and innovative approaches.

  • Customized consultation

    We analyze customer requirements and the operating conditions of the plant, to ensure that the end products are precisely tailored to their unique specifications.

  • Approach

    We offer a comprehensive suite of services. From the initial consultation and analysis of the customers’ needs and specifications, to FEM analysis, alloy selection, design, and engineering. We then proceed with casting simulation, prototyping and testing.

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