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About us

We commit to customer relationship and product quality.

Established in 1977, F.A.I.-F.T.C. S.p.A. is an Italian company that creates quality equipment and components according to customer specifications, in high alloy stainless steel resistant to heat and corrosion.

A highly specialized and customer-centric organization, with a strong focus on tailoring products to individual requirements, our company excels in providing solutions for unique needs.

Our manufacturing processes are flexible and adaptable, combining technical expertise, tailored production, and strong commitment to quality, to provide solutions that respond precisely to the requirements of our clients.

With its three facilities and over 40 years of manufacturing and engineering expertise in the steel industry, F.A.I.-F.T.C. is more than just a foundry: experience, quality and service to ensure that our products are precisely tailored to our customers’ unique specifications.







F.A.I. S.r.l. (Fonderia Acciai Inossidabili) was founded in Manerbio, in the north of Italy.

Since its birth, the foundry, 2.600 sqm on a 5.000 sqm area, manufactured high alloy stainless steel casting for the steel and heat treatment industry. The company experienced steady growth, of revenues and customer base, on the Italian and European market, showing from the outset a strong aptitude for internationalization.

F.T.C. S.r.l. (Fabbrica Tubi Centrifugati) was established.

The new plant, 4500 sqm on an area of 20.000 sqm, included a foundry and a mechanical workshop. It was dedicated to centrifugally cast tubes in high alloy steel and to manufacture high quality components for steel plants and heat treatment furnaces.

F.A.I.-F.T.C. S.p.A. was created,

F.A.I.-F.T.C. S.p.A. was created, through the merger of F.A.I. and F.T.C., to create a new, unified organization with the goal of achieving synergies and creating a more competitive and efficient business entity.

Acquisition of a new plant.

4000 sqm on an area of 8.000 sqm, with the intent of moving the mechanical workshop and thus having a larger space for assembly and quality controls.

Acquisition of a new CNC lathe machine

that can machine up to 1400 mm diameter and 9000 mm length.

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