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We are by your side, up to the end of the process.

In our large mechanical workshop, we control all the key steps of a precise and valuable manufacturing process: machining, welding, assembling and quality control.

4,000 sqm

We have all the space we need to manufacture the most complex projects

3 CNC lathe machines

We can machine up to 1400 mm diameter and 9000 mm length.

1 Dynamic balancing machine

1 Welding robot

We can operate on diameter up to 1400 mm.


The welding department has qualified and certified personnel to complete the assembly process according to standard regulations or certified welding procedures. We perform TIG, MIG and electrode welding. Our welding robot can implement different types of welding.

Machining of Steel Cones and Bushings


We can perform with accuracy and precision all the phases that are necessary for our production: drilling, roughing and finishing of tubes, machining of pins, flanges, cones and bushings, preparation of components for assembly by welding.

mechanical machining

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